Grafton House Dental Surgery Evesham Worcestershire Ceramic dental inlays & onlays

Ceramic dental inlays & onlays provide strength and a superior cosmetic result

Ceramic dental inlays are hard wearing and long lasting, they also provide the benefit of being able to be coloured to match the natural tooth.

A dental inlay sits within the biting surface of the tooth and is the ideal restoration for repairing large cavities or replacing old amalgam fillings and produces a far superior cosmetic result than a filling and are stronger than white fillings.

A ceramic dental onlay is similar to a dental crown, but is designed to restore only the part of the tooth that has become damaged or decayed, rather than the whole tooth.

For further details call our patient care advisors on 1386 446040 or 01386 446007

Note: Members of our Dental Care Plans are offered the choice of all ceramic crowns and inlays / onlays as standard.

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