Independent Emergency Dental Care 

Independent Emergency Dental Care is provided within our regular practice opening hours and is available to both New and registered independent patients and registered NHS patients that choose to been seen independently for a ’one off’ treatment.

Independent Emergency Dental Care is primarily focused on providing emergency dental consultations and treatment for isolated dental problems such as:

- Toothache
- Abscess
- Broken teeth
- Swelling of the mouth or gums
- Lost fillings
- Re-fix loose crowns and bridges
- Damaged or broken denture
- Accidents and oral trauma

Active Smile Independent Emergency Dental Care Price List

Once treated for their emergency, patients will be informed if any other treatment is required together with any costs.

Emergency patients requiring further treatment will be given the options to undergo the treatment as an Independent or Personal Dental Plan patient.


- NHS exemptions are not valid for independent dental emergency treatment
- Where possible registered patients will always be offered treatment/appointments with their own dentist
- Should a patient not wish to wait for an available appointment, independent emergency treatment can be offered.