Independent Dental Care 

Our Independent Dental Care Scheme offers competitive and comprehensive private dental care. Our aim is to offer and provide patients with choice, quality, value and above all excellent care. 

Independent Dental Care provides patients with:

- Dental check ups every 6 months
- Emergency fast track appointments, if required
- Dental treatments and hygienist services are charged on a fee per item basis
- Our Dental Plan Patients receive a discount of 10% off our treatment prices 

Independent Dental Treatment Prices

New Patient Exam + Small X-rays         £44.00
Regular Patient Exam + Small X-rays    £33.00
Hygienist 30 Min Apt                              £47.50
Dental Fillings – Amalgam (Silver)         £59.00 to £69.00
Dental Fillings – Composite (White)       £79.00 to £165.00
Tooth Extractions                                    £69.00 to £250.00
Root Canal Treatment                            £135.00 to £245.00
Dental Crowns                                        £295.00 to £495.00
Teeth Whitening                                     £195.00

Click here for our Independent Emergency Treatment prices

For details of our full range of Independent Dental Treatments and prices please contact our patient care team .

Our dentists will always provide you with a treatment plan and the costs, prior to any treatment being carried out.

For treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, private dentures , dental implants and orthodontics a full treatment plan together with costs will be provide after the consultation.

For more information please contact our patient care team on 01386 446 040.