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Aesthetic Dental Treatment

Do you have a question about improving your Smile?

call into our Aesthetic Dental Centre

Why not call into our Aesthetic Dental Centre, there is no appointment required and advice is free.

 Our Aesthetic Dental Centre is located next door to our dental surgery and provides a first point of access and free advice for anyone seeking general information on improving their smile and maintaining good oral health from our team of qualified Oral Health Educators and Treatment Coordinators, in a non-clinical environment.

The centre also functions as a Preventative Dental Unit (PDU) and provides a permanent, self-contained unit dedicated to oral health education, it is open to both our patients and the general public without the need to enter a clinical environment.

Our Aesthetic Dental Centre provides a pleasant environment with reception and consultation areas to provide patient-centred guidance, education and advice.

Aesthetic Dental Treatment FAQ's

Aesthetic dental treatment is primarily focused at improving the appearance without necessarily improving the function of the mouth / teeth. Regular treatments include teeth whitening , crowns bridges , veneers and orthodontics. 

Yes there are a many dentists who offer this type of service, but we are setting up a dedicated aesthetic centre within our practice to provide the extra time and focus on the patient journey, consultation and planning of the treatment with you, the modelling of your teeth through to creating a demonstrate final result, before any treatment commences and you are happy with the treatment being proposed.

Teeth Whitening

How many shades whiter will my teeth become after Teeth Whitening?

Most patients who undergo teeth whitening treatment will find that a difference of only two shades lighter will make a noticeable difference in their smile. Our Teeth Whitening starts from £195.00

Want to change your Smile?

Spread the cost of your routine dental care into easy monthly payments, from £16.55 per month

Spreading the cost of your routine dental care is easier than you think with our monthly dental payment plans, providing peace of mind that your routine dental care is taken care of

There are three plan options for you to choose from, each one helping you to safeguard your smile and spread the cost of your routine dental care and knowing exactly how much you are paying each month.

Dental Plan Benefits

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