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Air-Flow Professional Tooth Stain Removal

Air-Flow is a professional stain removal system that tackles stubborn tooth stains, which are difficult to remove with normal teeth brushing and Hygienist treatments.

Surface Stains – Air Flow uses a special powder, air, and a gentle jet stream of water which gently and painlessly removes surface stains caused by smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and eating foods that contain colourants.

Deep Stains – Tooth discolouration that occurs at a deeper level, can be the result from the use of certain medications or a genetic susceptibility to darker teeth. In these circumstances a combination of both teeth whitening and Air-Flow treatment can significantly improve a smile resulting in teeth several shades lighter.

Air flow polishing is completely safe to use with dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges. This highly efficient technique improves patient comfort by polishing without direct contact, pressure, heat or noise and in just one appointment; you will immediately see and feel the difference.

Air-Flow stain removal costs £119.00 and the treatment time is approximatly 30 minutes.  

To find out if Air Flow stain removal would be suitable for you, please speak to our Dental Hygienists or Dentists when you visit us next.

For further information please complete the form below and our Patient Care Team will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have about our Air-Flow treatments. If you have selected a particular date to be contacted, we will endeavour to contact you on that date. 

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