Toothbrushes that love the gumline

Brushing your teeth is also about cleaning your gumline. The sulcus – the groove between the teeth and gums – is a breeding ground for bacteria that causes inflammation and periodontitis. Out toothbrushes are so gentle, they clean perfectly – even in the gumline.

Interdental brushes once in and out. done.

Exceptional cleanliness where it matters most – in the difficult to reach, narrow spaces between the teeth. All thanks to super fine, extra long, ultra resilient filaments. Combats tooth decay, inflammation and periodontitis. Quick. Easy. Pleasant.

Be you toothpaste - the best in the world?

Toothpastes that improve your oral health – and bring joy to your brushing routine. Beautifully crafted flavours, healthy ingredients – no nasties. Whitening that actually cares for your tooth enamel. Curaprox toothpastes.

Perio Plus+ Range the power of nature: Citrox®

Patients can reap the benefits of natural ingredients contained in Perio Plus+ to combat bacterial plaque; protecting their teeth and gums from oral diseases such as dental cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis. 

How to use your interdental brush

How to use your CS 5460 brush

Why CURAPROX Brushes?

Curen® filaments. Incredibly gentle, incredibly thin – just 0.1mm in diameter.

Compact brush head. Slight angle. Optimal cleaning.

5460 filaments densely packed on the brush head to give exceptional cleaning power.

Octagonal handle. It’s almost impossible NOT to clean at the correct angle.

Why CURAPROX Interdental Brushes?

A selection of sizes – the right brush for every space. 0.4mm – 0.8mm

All-round oral hygiene starts between the teeth.

Made from premium materials to ensure flexibility and longevity.

Designed to make access to all areas of the mouth as simple as possible for the most effective interdental clean.

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