Active Smile Routine Dental Care

What is Routine Dental Care and why is it Important?

Visiting your dentist regularly for routine dental care simply means that you visit your Dentist or Hygienist on a regular basis for checkups and cleaning even if you are not experiencing any oral problems.

The importance of regular dental visits should never be overlooked or underestimated. When you make regular routine appointments with your dentist the likely hood of you being diagnosed with dental problems like gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay are reduced as your dentist can spot and address any problems sooner rather than later.

It is common for many people to only visit their dentist when they have problems and are in pain, in these cases the treatment required is often more extensive and ultimately more costly, when it could have potentially been avoided or less severe with regular routine care.

As a mixed dental practice, we offer our patients three options for their routine dental care, these include Independent and NHS Dental Care or Personal Monthly Dental Plans.

For further details on the Routine Dental Care options available at our practice please click on the links below:

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