Active Smile Routine Dental Care

Routine Dental Care

As a mixed dental practice, we offer our patients three options for their routine dental care, these include Independent and NHS dental care or Personal Monthly Dental Plans.

A frequent question asked by patients is ‘Why are there often different waiting times and appointment intervals for the different dental care options?’.

Being a mixed practice our surgery time is allocated 70% to Independent Dental Care and 30% to NHS Dental Care, with some of our dentists providing both Independent and NHS care and some of our dentists only providing Independent care.

With all options of dental care provided at the practice our first priority is always to see patients with dental emergencies and those who require urgent treatments.

Since June 2020 when we recommenced face to face appointments with patients, the COVID19 guidelines that we now must operate within to protect both our patients and team, has greatly reduced the numbers of patients that we are now able to see each day compared to previously.

NHS Dental Routine Care

With over 17,000 registered NHS patients at the practice, together with a reduced number of patients that we are able to see each day, most of our NHS surgery time has to be allocated to dental emergencies and urgent treatments; with only limited routine dental care currently available.

Please be assured we have not forgotten our NHS patients that are due for their routine check-ups and our Patient Care Team will contact you as soon as we are in a position to offer you an appointment.

Please click here for further information on NHS Dental Care available at this practice

Independent Dental Care & Personal Dental Plans

Like our NHS patients, for our 5,000+ Independent patients our first priority is in providing emergency dental care and urgent treatment.

The current waiting time for an Independent routine check-up is 10 to 14 days. If you do not already have appointments booked, our Patient Care Team will contact our Independent and Personal Dental Plan patients to book any due dental checkups.

Please click here for further information on Independent Dental Care available at this practice

Please click here for further information on Personal Dental Plans available at this practice

Hygienist Services

Where we are only able to offer limited routine dental check-ups with your dentist our dental hygienists are now able to offer appointments for those patients who wish to continue with their Independent routine dental hygiene care.

Please click here for further information on the Dental Hygienist Services available at this practice.